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        Why the name?  What is the significance of 53?  All great questions.

        For many, Ben Hogan is the godfather of modern golf, and he is the golfing idol of many.  Hogan was the brains behind yardage books as he would meticulously map out courses, always from green to tee.  Later, as technology advanced, the principles of Hogan’s pre-planning evolved into the creation of yardage books.  His instructional book, “Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf,” is considered the Bible of golf instructional literature, and is the backbone of the modern golf swing.

      The year was 1953, and Ben Hogan was 4 years removed from his life threatening car wreck in February 1949.  Due to his injuries, and the medicine at the time, Hogan’s playing schedule was greatly truncated.  Hogan’s 1953 year only consisted of 6 tournaments.  Of those 6 tournaments that he competed in, Hogan went on to win 5 of them.  Three (3) of those victories were the Masters, US Open, and British Open,  3 major victories.  Five (5) victories, three (3) majors, in 1953.

      Throughout the years since Hogan, the game of golf has changed dramatically in terms of the player, the equipment, golf course care and setup, and overall playing of the game on the highest level.  However, the principles of Hogan are still followed.  House 53 is an academy dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of golf, inspired by the man himself, to create golfers that not only play great golf, but have a greater appreciation of the game itself.


We at House 53 are excited to invite you into the family.  It is a house after all. 

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